Struggling to show my real emotions-

*might not relate to everyone*

Some autistic people will often mask how they really feel during difficult times and when things are triggering them.

sometimes I think this can be because autistics simply don’t know how to get their feelings into words. As anxiety is might be also overwhelming the autistic person.

There might be an inner dialogue going on during this trigger, but the person is not able to be expressed this difficulty.

The autistic person might appear to be completely unaffected(masking), this really is not true, as it’s simply a means of the autistic person coping in this situation.

Often the real affects of this overwhelming situation, will be expressed when the autistic person feels in a safe and familiar environment.

Producing a delayed response, the autistic person might become very agitated after the experience, which could lead to a meltdown, or for the autistic person to go over and over the situation. Considering about what had happened, thinking about how they could of responded and what they should of said.

This can go on for a long period of time and be very difficult to stop, I definitely do this it can be very overwhelming and frustrating.

Girls Autistic Journey 🖤

Artist- https://www.dariahlazatova.com


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