Balancing life’s interests 👇🏻

When I want to do something or I find a topic I am interested in, and want to build my understanding and knowledge on this.

I get totally absorbed in finding out as much information as possible, through reading, internet searches, and during this time everything else gets pushed aside.

If I have to stop doing this, it makes me agitated, grumpy and angry. If a person is trying to talk to me or asking me to do something, it really irritates me, it’s like my mind can’t stop thinking about this interest. Leaving me not able to process any other information, or complete other tasks that someone has asked me to do.

I become totally preoccupied by this interest, finding balance seems to be so difficult!

I am all or nothing, I can’t do something slightly. I am just not able.

Can you relate?

Girls Autistic Journey 🖤


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