Practical guide for employers to support autistic employees.

I put this short guide together with hopes that autistic people could take this into their employer, in order to be better understood and gain the correct support.

I know it’s not always straight forward and easy to disclose a Autism diagnosis, remember that autistic people are very valuable in the workplace, and bring many important skills and a different perspective.

Practical Guide for employers to support autistic employees.

1. Establish the main areas that the autistic person might find challenging on a daily basis.

2. Discuss with the autistic person what their daily routine will look like, breaking down tasks if possible, provide predictability were possible. For instance if there are regular tasks that need completing then build this into the routine.

3. Have frequent discussions with the autistic person, to be sure they understand their tasks and that they are feeling able and correctly supported, in order to complete the tasks.

4. Talk to the autistic person about their work environment, is there anything that is overwhelming or affects their ability to work. Are there any areas in the work space that are quite, so if needed the autistic person can access that area. the other options are ear plugs, headphones, fidget tools, regular breaks. perhaps have a understanding that if the person is feeling totally overwhelmed they can step out of the work environment, so they can calm down and then return, when they feel able. Listen to the autistic person’s needs as they will experience the environment very differently to non autistic people.

5. Discuss and decided with the autistic person what their best form of communication will be, this could be verbal, hand written notes, emails, text message.

6. Keep communication with the autistic person simple and straight forward, (say what you mean and mean what you say). Avoid using metaphors as this can become confusing.

7. Discuss with the autistic person if they would like a work mentor, this could be someone they can get reassurance and support from, as and when needed.

8. Discuss with the autistic person if they want their work colleagues to be aware that they are autistic, and how this might present in the workplace. So that colleagues can be fully aware and supportive. This will help build confidence in the autistic person and develop acceptance in the workplace.

Produced by Girls Autistic Journey


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