*this won’t relate to everyone*

Autistics will often mask how they really feel during the times when things are triggering them.


sometimes I think this can be because autistics simply don’t know how to get their feelings into words. There might be an inner dialogue going on during this trigger, but the person is not able to be expressed this difficulty.


it could also be because the autistic person is worried about being judged, then possibly outcast through expressing their real feelings.
As they could be misunderstood or seen as odd and different by others.


Opening up and allowing others to see your struggles can make you feel incredibly vulnerable, when an autistic person has a meltdown, they are putting trust in the people or person that is witnessing this.


The autistic person needs to know they will have unconditional support and understanding in a meltdown situation!


Other wise suppression and masking will continue. 🖤


Artist- unknown


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