Autistic burnout triggers, autistic centred burnout support. 

Autistic burnout is really serious and can have a massive impact on autistics lives, please be understanding and supportive. 🖤


1.Autistic burnout warning signs-

more frequent meltdowns, and becoming overwhelmed quickly .
Becoming ill more frequently, lack of motivation.
Difficulties Maintaining good self care, personal hygiene, experiencing extreme tiredness.
Social situations become more difficult to cope with, memory issues.
Verbal communication can become more difficult.


2.Autistic burnout triggers-

Taking on multiple tasks, not having enough rest time, not eating a well balanced diet.
Not getting enough sleep each night, lots of change with in a short period of time.
Hiding or putting a mask up to fit in with neurotypicals (non Autistics) each person will find triggers that are personal to them, keeping a daily journal can help to identify triggers.


3.Autistic centred burnout support-

Take time out of social situations. Make sure to get enough sleep, and that you’re eating a healthy diet.
Build in routines to make task more manageable, make sure to build in rest times.
Make sure sensory needs are being met daily.


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