Autistics neurology is different to non Autistics this means Autistics process and understand the world and all with in the world differently.

This not wrong or a condition, people need to understand this in order to enable Autistics to live a healthy and full life.

STOP trying to force Autistics into a non Autistic way of living this is damaging, and does not work. Start to understand Autistics and how the world feels for Autistics, everyone wants to live a life that feels right for ones self. Not to be moulded or force into an unnatural way of living.

Please take some time to understand Autistics feelings, by doing this Autistics will feel calmer more happy, respected, valued, which will build a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

This will then allow relationships between non Autistics and Autistics to blossom and grow. These simple steps can be life changing for everyone!


You have a choice!


Girls Autistic Journey~



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