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Feeling anxious is a horrible feeling, and can show it’s self in many different ways. I definitely find anxiety makes me feel agitated, short tempered and communicating with people at that point very difficult. My whole body feels uncomfortable, and I can’t focus on people if they are asking me things. But outwardly my body language doesn’t show this. But in my mind everything is scrambled and spinning out of control. Then someone asks me a question or talks to me and SNAP! It pushes me to far. And I can appear to be rude, I really don’t want to be but it’s all just overwhelming.

Autistics I think definitely struggle with this more, as Processing information for some can already be difficult, add on anxious thinking, thoughts, feelings and that is overload. So when someone is expressing these emotions, take a moment to consider could this be that the person is anxious.


Girls Autistic Journey~


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