Possible Triggers that Autistics can experience, I feel all are all interlinked.


1. Sudden change of routine- routines help Autistics to feel safe and understanding what’s happening next. A change to routine can cause anxiety and unpredictability.

2. Sensory overload- environments can cause sensory difficulties, as everything is to bright, loud, fast moving. Many Autistics sensory system processes the information incorrectly, and quickly becomes overwhelmed.

3. Intense emotions- many Autistics feel emotions very intensely and these emotions can suddenly be felt causing difficulties.

4. Control is taken away- may Autistics like to have control as it keeps predictability and that helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

5. Multiple tasks- Having to process multiple instructions is to difficult, tasks need to be broken down.

6. Overload of information- may Autistics find it hard to process multiple amounts of information at one time. Many Autistics need extra Processing time.

Girls Autistic Journey~


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