following on from my previous post, which was about how emotions can control you and cause lots of difficulties. I thought it would be good to talk about how I deal with difficult emotions, and times when I feel low. 

I often find that I am massively affected by the exchanges, interaction I have with people, this is so difficult as I am not in control of what other people say and do to me. This has and still does cause lots of anxiety for me.

So what can be done?

“You can’t CHANGE how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is CHANGE how you REACT to it”

 So these are my personal tips and things that work for me and ways I cope;

1. Think about what makes you happy, and make time to do happy things.

2. Take some time away from social media, this can help to reduce anxiety.  

3. Monitor self talk as in your thoughts, are you putting yourself down or being hard on yourself? STOP doing this it not helpful and will prolong the dark times. switch to different thoughts, this can be done by distraction; go for walk, listen to music.

4. Walking in the woods is so peaceful and really helps to clear my mind, I feel like it allows my sensory system to reset itself.  

5. Meditation really helps me with clearing my mind as well, I use an app called Headspace:Guided Meditation. 

6. Exercising can be really helpful as you will get a natural happiness boost, I know this option can be so difficult when you are feeling tired and low. 

7. Remember this feeling will pass it can’t and won’t last forever, things will be OK! 

8. Don’t make any big decisions during this time as it’s more pressure, and personally my judgment is very different during this difficult time.   

9. Spending time with my dog, animals can really help to lift low moods.   


I think how everyone manages these times is incredibly personal, Remember our emotions are powerful and we have to try to keep control of them{easy to say hard to do} After the difficult times I always look back at the build up to this time, and think about what might of triggered this. I like to look at what helped me the most during this time, and what was not helpful as I know that time will come again. 


Girls Autistic Journey ♥


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