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I have always struggled with regulating my emotions my feelings seem to hit me hard, its like zero to ten with very little in between. I find I get really caught up in the moment, and can over focus on the situation. Its like I get suck in that moment and find it so hard to move forward, this can and has caused me problems. As often the intensity of the emotions are not measurable to the situation. Some people think I am overreacting, but for its real and feels uncontrollable. 

I think lots of these feelings are driven from anxiety, and not always understanding my emotions. Then there is the “what if” thinking, this is when I imagine all the different outcomes that might happen. I think some of this stems from not knowing how situations are going to play out, so I tend to think of multiple outcomes. I play these outcomes in my mind like film scenes, thinking about how I feel and how I would respond. This tends to happen most when its a situation that is new. I tend to find as well because I have high amounts of anxiety this pushes me towards thinking of negative outcomes.

Previous experiences have a big impact on my thinking and thought process,  if something has gone wrong then I will have this outcome in my head. These memories can cause me to quickly become stressed and worried. 

I often fight with myself about feeling this way, I get cross with myself that I have got into such a mess. This then adds to my negative thinking, and can at times make me feel low. 

I haven’t even got out of the door yet!  


What has helped me?

1. I take a few breaths in and out and try to clear my mind, focusing on my breathing and saying “it’s ok” 

2. I think about the real facts, not things I have imagined or that could happen.

3. Don’t make any decisions now.  


Please don’t dismiss Autistics responses to certain situations, we are just being true and honest. 

Girls Autistic Journey  ♥ 




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